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"LiL Thomas On The Track"

LiL Thomas makes his first beat and Tommy Bunns(Father) and the Good Vibes Crew had to bless it!

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We are an Independent Record Label fueled by the working class with the mindset of doing things our way. No independent rap labels or the top record labels can match us in the entertainment business.

Our Artist : Tommy Bunns

  Thomas A. Bunn (Artist name) "Tommy Bunns" has always been known for an aggressive rhyme style. It landed him an interview with Y and Dean of Ruff Ryders Entertainment, a mentor-ship from Chaz Slim Williams of Black Hand Entertainment known from the song 50 cent wrote "Many Men". and Multi - Platinum selling artist features from LIL Scrappy of L&HHATL and Young Buck of 50 cent's G-Unit now titled "The Unit" Records. Stay tuned because he definitely has some heat coming.

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Infect The System Recordings is the perfect place to relax and record solid vocals. We have a comfortable lounge area and a 55 inch 4K TV for your enjoyment. 

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In My Zone

  • Video Directed by Shot By Dred and Produced by Blonededread Beat from Drum Major

What's Going On

New King Featuring LiL Scrappy

  • Video Directed by Tommy Bunns Produced by Blonededred




Thomas Bunn also known as Tommy Bunns, a Baltimore native, started rapping at the age of 14. He learned how to freestyle in his foster home after following his foster brother, Antonio aka Tone Doe. Once he got his skillset up, Thomas began battling MCs around Baltimore, which ultimately led him to producers Magneto and G-Major of Arsonist's Camp. Together, they formed a group with Tommy's high school friends, Goldie, Prock & Comp, called Missing in Action (M.I.A.). Comp went on to get signed by Def Jam. Tommy was called to the Interscope building in New York City by the A&R Poe from Ruff Ryders but ended up not going further because the producers wanted to keep the group together.Tommy kept rapping and ended up filming hood DVDs. He successfully released 3 DVDs. The first was filmed and released in York, PA while the second and third were filmed and released in Baltimore, MD. The DVDs were entitled "The Network Volume 1," "The Network Volume 2," and "The Network Volume 3," respectively. The first DVD featured local rappers from York City, PA such as Echo from Exclusive Entertainment who is now a current radio personality in York, PA and Harry-O of the Underground Mixtape Spot in York, PA. The second DVD featured Comp from M.I.A., HazMat, former radio personality from 92Q in Baltimore, MD, the Pittsburgh Ruff Ryders Chapter, and other Baltimore local artists. The third DVD features Chaz "Slim" Williams who was featured on BET's "American Gangster" series, also former manager of Jay-Z and 50 Cent, and well known for being mentioned in 50 Cent's song entitled "Many Men". This DVD also featured N.O.E. from Jim Jones' Dipset Byrd Gang, Squirrel Wide who is a current radio personality on 92Q from the radio show "The Hooligan Express," and many other well-known Baltimore artists.  After finishing Tommy's third DVD, many people felt that Tommy should start seriously recording music again. He finally broke down and got back in the studio. The first song he recorded was entitled "Italian Icy," produced by Big Rob a local Baltimore producer and long-time friend Saleem Rahman, brother of the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Hasim "The Rock" Rahman. Tommy kept recording and decided the best place to continue his music career was Atlanta, GA.Tommy relocated to Atlanta, GA in January 2015. The first place he began recording was "The Artist Factory" with a producer by the name of Haitian Monk. After a week of recording, Tommy held his own private listening session with producers, engineers and other Atlanta artists. The song picked to lead off from the listening party was "New King". Everyone felt that the single was the hottest and undeniable. Tommy, being the perfectionist that he is, decided to get a feature for the song to make it even hotter. So he began to search for other artists that complemented his no-nonsense, street, and straight to the point type of style.After thinking long and hard for a few days, he decided he was going to put all of his time and effort into securing Atlanta's own, "Lil Scrappy" aka "The Prince of the South," known from the hit reality TV show "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" for the feature. Tommy reached out to Lil Scrappy's manager, O.G., explained his current situation and what he was looking to do with his music career, and after a day or so in February 2015, it was confirmed that Lil Scrappy was interested in hopping on the track "New King" with Tommy Bunns. Tommy met up with Lil Scrappy at Hot Beats studio in Atlanta, GA and recorded the single, engineered by Blonde Dred from Hot Beats. The studio session was filmed and premiered on VladTV and currently has over 10,000 views. During this studio session and recording of "New King," Tommy asked Lil Scrappy's manager, O.G., if they would be willing to follow up with a music video. Lil Scrappy and his manager, were feeling the track and agreed to do a video. On March 12, 2015, Tommy Bunns, Lil Scrappy, and other artists and supporters all met at Studio Space in Atlanta, GA for the filming of the "New King" video. Tommy arrived in an all-white Porshe 911. Corleone tha Don, a North Carolina artist, showed his support by coming through in an all-black Porshe. To Tommy's surprise, Young Buck from G-Unit came through to bring him an all-black Lamborghini Spyder to use for the video shoot. After the video shoot, Tommy immediately began to plan his next move. Tommy felt as though the best thing to do would be to follow up with his first show in Atlanta with Lil Scrappy for the release of the "New King" video.    After years of Tommy dedicating himself to the hip hop culture, he's ready to show the world that real, street hip-hop does exist. He's not your typical skinny jeans wearing backpack type of rapper. Tommy Bunns is a 100% independent brand that doesn't plan on signing a contract unless the numbers make sense.